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Five must-see places in Cancun Mexico Apr 17

Parque Kabah in downtown Cancun is a taste of what the local flora and fauna looked like before development took its toll on the city. Paths wind through acres offering views of many different birds, butterflies and a representative Maya dwelling. A museum offers photographic displays, occasional exhibitions and programs. This building was transported here from the hotel zone. It was the first dwelling on the island. A shady play area for children is nearby. Open daily from six a.m. until five p.m. (Afternoon closings vary according to season.) Hotel Zone bus #27 goes to a side entrance. Easily reachable also by taxi.

Mercado 28 and Plaza Bonita are located alongside one another in downtown Cancun. An easy bus ride from the Hotel Zone on number 2 or 15 bus lets you off a five-minute walk through a nice neighborhood passing local stores. Mercado 28 has many stalls with items for every taste and budget. Handmade Yucatecan hammocks from baby to family size and other quaint accessories can be purchased at Hamacas El Aguacate, interior of Plaza Bonita. Traditionally dressed women from Chiapas sell articles of clothing and other embroidered handicrafts at the entrance of Plaza Bonita facing Mercado 28.

El Rey Ruins nestle on the west side of Kukulcan Boulevard in the Hotel Zone. Located at kilometer — the ruins are not visible from the road, so be sure to watch for the entrance found just past the curve at El Mirador (The Lookout). These Mayan structures were part of a coastal network of trading and strategic locations active in the Post Classic period. A beautiful place to walk through early in the day or late in the afternoon, it is a refuge for different kinds of birds and iguanas, so please be aware of their right to a quiet life. Hours are eight a.m. to five p.m. and admission is thirty five pesos. Open daily. Easily reachable by Hotel Zone bus.

Plaza La Isla Shopping Village, Kukulcan Boulevard at kilometer 12.5, is a charming complex with quaint architecture and meandering canals. Especially recommended: Ah Cacao Chocolate Café is located in the interior of La Isla Shopping Village. The shop is a few doors down from the aquarium.The best coffee available in Cancun, grown conscientiously in Chiapas. The chocolate products are made from beans grown in Tabasco. You can purchase coffee beans to take with you, and an exciting array of coffee and chocolate gift items in pretty wrappings. Your purchases help support local conservation programs. There are tables outside the shop for savoring an exceptional chocolate shake or an excellent cup of coffee.

There are several discos in the Hotel Zone, but The City is the largest club in Latin America and offers a variety of international acts that have included Fergie, Ludacris, Akon, Flo Rida, American Eagle, MTV, 50 Cent, Sasha, Tiësto, Paul Van Dyk, Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton and more. The City has a million-watt sound system and 650 sq ft of video screens. The stage is designed for live entertainment, music concerts and DJ presentations, with a capacity for more than 5,000 people in 8,000 sqft of floor space and 9 bars over three floors. Located at Punta Cancun hub of the Hotel Zone, it has its own beach club with pools, seating and other amenities. The newly widened beach is in front of the club.

Written by Jules Siegal. Jules is an American journalist whose work has appeared in Playboy, Rolling Stone, Best American Short Stories and many other publications. He has lived in Cancun with his family since 1983. He is the author of the Cancun User’s Guide.

Copyright All rights reserved.

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Cancun’s Underwater Museum Launches Phase Two Mar 29

The National Park located on the West Coast of Isla Mujeres, Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc, which welcomes approximately 750,000 annual tourists, will feature more than 400 concrete sculptures making it the world’s largest underwater museum, located in the waters facing Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

At a cost of more than $350,000 dollars, the project has been put into place to help conserve natural reefs and give them the opportunity to flourish. The Marine National Park has stepped up to the challenge of diverting tourists away from natural habitats along the natural coral reef units, without losing their visitors and the $36 million dollars they bring into the area each year.

Since November 14th of last year, Phase 1 of the project included the sinking of three sculptures under the supervision of prominent artist and underwater sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor, including sculptures such as “Dream Collector,” “Man on Fire” and “The Gardener of Hope.”

The second phase of this magnificent project is well underway, with the hopes that it will eventually become the largest underwater museum in the world with more than 400 sculptures placed on the sand, as well as sunk to a variety of different depths, throughout the national park. These sculptures will be placed near natural reefs and marine life in order to create an artificial habitat. Once this stage is completed, additional artists will be invited to display their sculptures and contribute to the museum.

Each individual work of art will be life-sized and will be mounted on a base of four square meters and will consist of themed galleries such as “The Quiet Evolution.”

The museum seeks to promote, among other things, the philosophy of conservation, as is the “Dream Collector” sculpture, which contains bottles with messages of good hope sent from around the world. One of the first messages in a bottle attached to the above mentioned sculpture reads: “May our hearts, never become as hard as our heads,” by Roberto Diaz, President of the Cancun Underwater Museum.

Because of the excellence through this important project, sculptor and artist Jason de Caires Taylor, has accepted the title as Artistic Director of the museum.

Jaime Gonzalez, the national park’s director, estimates that by April 2010, there should be nearly 250 sculptures in the underwater museum.

For more information, please visit the museum’s website at:

Downloadable high resolution versions of the photos included in this release are available at

About Cancun:

Cancun, the gateway to Mexico and the Mayan world, offers luxurious hotel infrastructure with more than 28,000 rooms, and is Mexico’s most beautiful and stylish destination. Opportunities for new experiences are everywhere, as the setting brings you into contact with both nature and Mayan culture like nowhere else.

Top-level gastronomy and nightlife; warm beaches with soft, white sand; crystal-clear, turquoise seas; and a location opposite the Great Mesoamerican Reef System, in tandem with Mexico’s world-famous hospitality, make Cancun an entirely unique tourist destination.

With Thanks to my friends at the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Please check our Monthly Hotel Specials at

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Cancun Mexico expects an 80% Occupancy Rate for the 2009-2010 High Season Oct 21

• Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Cancun Hotel Association confirmed that relationships between commercial partners have strengthened, guaranteeing 80% occupancy for next high season

• A successful conclusion, the Cancun Travel Mart had 650 delegates participate hosting approximately 3900 business meetings

A majority of operators and tourism companies from the Mexican Caribbean who participated in Cancun’s Travel Mart Mexico Summit 2009 12th edition were pleased by the good results reached during the mart in maintaining rates and guaranteeing a 80% hotel occupancy for the next winter season.

During a press conference, CEO of the Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau, Jesus Almaguer and the President of the Cancun Hotel Association Rodrigo de la Pena stressed the importance of this tourism marketing event which concluded on October 16th with the participation of 650 delegates from 20 countries, allowing to strengthen the business relationship with wholesale agents whose objective is to increase the promotion and number of visitors to Cancun.

“If the economy is improving, we expect to have a good winter, similar to last years and a better 2010,” said Almaguer, who stressed the important rise in tourism that has been recorded within the United States, Canadian and Mexican markets.

In addition, the online travel agency Travelocity announced during the tourism mart, an increase of 15 points was registered regarding sales to the touristic destination, while Expedia, another one of the most important online travel agencies with a presence in 15 countries, confirmed that Cancun is the primary tourism destination preferred by North Americans to visit outside of the United Sates and it captures the third place in sales at a international level, behind New York and Las Vegas.

“This is a good indicator, proof that good things are being done because these are companies that manage the pulse and trends of the North American travel market”, stated the Director who revealed in this industry assembly celebrated October 14- 16, more than 3,900 business meetings were executed, representing 700 additional meetings from those previously arranged.

For his part, the President of the Cancun Hotel Association stated that during the Cancun Travel Mart Mexico Summit 2009 the grand majority of the operators acted as true business partners not discussing rates that were previously negotiated for the next winter season and promised to work collectively promoting and increasing the flow of visitors to Cancun and Puerto Morelos.

“Yes, the United States is our principal market, but Cancun is being promoting within other important niche markets allowing diversity,” emphasized the hotel leader after stressing that thanks to the high quality and large variety of attractions offered by the destination, the domestic tourism was able to register a great increase along the past summer season.
Finally, the Cancun CVB and Cancun Hotel Association officials cited that they are looking to the future of tourism with optimism and are cautiously working to creatively generate more tourism for Cancun, with the support of the their business partners.

About Cancun:

Cancun, the gateway to Mexico and the Mayan world, offers luxurious hotel infrastructure with more than 28,000 rooms, and is Mexico’s most beautiful and stylish destination. Opportunities for new experiences are everywhere, as the setting brings you into contact with both nature and Mayan culture like nowhere else.

Top-level gastronomy and nightlife; warm beaches with soft, white sand; crystal-clear, turquoise seas; and a location opposite the Great Mesoamerican Reef System, in tandem with Mexico’s world-famous hospitality, make Cancun an entirely unique tourist destination.

With thanks to the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Cancun day trips.

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Cancun is Ready for Takeoff. Are You? Sep 28

Cancun Airport’s second runway is ready and ASUR is inviting the general public to be the first to use it, with a 5-k and 10-k run

Cancun, Quintana Roo, September 22nd, 2009 – On October 10th, 2009, at 7:00 am, Cancun Airport will invite 2,000 runners to take advantage of a unique opportunity: to be the first to use its new runway in an once-in-a-lifetime race.

You can register online for this event at You can participate at a cost of $200 Mexican pesos per person (Approx. $15 USD), if you date. Following inscription, on October 10th, participants will have the chance to run a very special course: the Second Runway at Cancun Airport. Needless to say, the runway’s surface is in tip-top condition and is completely flat.

With an investment of $67 million dollars, the Second-Runway infrastructure project includes construction of the runway itself, an entirely new control tower and a taxiway bridge. The airport’s capacity will increase to such an extent that it will be able to serve some 28 million passengers per year. The airport at Cancun will become the first in Mexico to have the capacity of handling simultaneous takeoffs and landings on both of its two runways. In addition, the control tower, which will be more than 315 feet tall (96 meters), will be among the 20 tallest in the world. This translates into improved efficiency in “slots,” i.e. the runway-use time assigned to aircrafts, which will be to the benefit of both passengers and the almost 150 domestic and international airlines that fly in and out of the airport.

Other points worth noting about Cancun Airport:
•It is the best airport in Latin America and is among the top five in the world (according to Airports Council International).
•In nine years, capacity at the airport has doubled.
•It is an important motor for regional development; in the last nine years, the airport has invested more than $361 million dollars.
•The airport originally had 170,600 square feet of terminal-building area; it now has 387,140 square feet.

# # #

About Cancun:
Cancun, the gateway to Mexico and the Mayan world, offers luxurious hotel infrastructure with more than 28,000 rooms, and is Mexico’s most beautiful and stylish destination. Opportunities for new experiences are everywhere, as the setting brings you into contact with both nature and Mayan culture like nowhere else.

Top-level gastronomy and nightlife; warm beaches with soft, white sand; crystal-clear, turquoise seas; and a location opposite the Great Mesoamerican Reef System, in tandem with Mexico’s world-famous hospitality, make Cancun an entirely unique tourist destination.

With Thanks to the Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau

Cancun Weather Your complete source for local weather conditions, local weather, forecasts, Cancun weather history, Travel delays, and more.

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Cancun’s beaches looks “amazing” from outer space Sep 17

Mexican astronaut, Jose Hernandez, member of the Discovery Shuttle crew who is currently at the International Space Station, was interviewed by a TV station and while discussing Cancun’s beaches he stated that “even from here, they look amazing.”

Hernandez, who will be in space for two weeks, confirmed that from space “Mexico City is seen all lit up at night and Cancun’s beaches are easily distinguished.”

Hernandez joins the NASA Discovery crew, made up of four experienced and three novice astronauts, in transporting more than seven tons of food, supplies, spare parts and scientific experiments, including six genetically altered rats, to be used for bone marrow loss research.

During their two weeks at the International Space Station, three special spacewalks will be executed to install a new ammonia refrigeration tank and prepare the station for its new software port.

The Discovery Shuttle was launched from Port Canaveral on Saturday August 29th at 11:59 A.M EST and arrived at the space station on Sunday night.

With Thanks to the Cancun Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

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John Gray is in “The Kitchen” Sep 14

Chef Gray Offers Nightly Blackboard Menu
Highlighting Flavors of Mexico

When we think of Mexican food, certain flavors and ingredients (chiles, beans, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and tortillas) and certain basic forms (tacos, enchiladas, tamales, salsas, and so on) often come to mind. We generally know more or less what to expect. However, once in awhile, what is put on the table in front of us, exceeds our expectations, a fact that is perhaps illustrated in great detail, by chef and restaurateur, John Gray. For the past 15 years, the California native’s four restaurants throughout Cancun and Puerto Morelos, and have garnered him a reputation as an innovative chef whose cuisine is based on the excellent raw materials of the region, but owing more to the culinary traditions of France and the United States, than to the “cocina mexicana” of our imaginations.

Therefore, Gray has cooked up a truly unique and enticing nightly Blackboard menu for the patrons of his first and signature restaurant, John Gray’s Kitchen in Puerto Morelos. During the month of September, diners will find Gray in the Kitchen every evening cooking up an array of creative dishes, made with the freshest local ingredients – all of which have been inspired by the flavors of Mexico.

“The Nightly Blackboard Menu allows me to experiment with the dynamic flavors found in Mexican ingredients.” He continues, “By no means, am I transforming The Kitchen into a Mexican restaurant, rather, for this one month I am giving myself complete culinary freedom and allowing myself to be inspired by my daily surroundings….may it be the ‘Cocina Economica’ or small, Mexican diner menu featuring homemade Mexican staples; going down to the beach to see what the local fisherman caught that day or whatever ingredients peak my interest in the market on a given morning. It’s just exciting to be able to offers diners a nightly surprise of my interpretations of dishes that are full of generous flavors and textures, and of course which showcase high quality, local ingredients.”

The Kitchen, which opened in 2002, has become a true culinary destination and a gem of a find in Riviera Maya. In fact, the two-story building, which is nestled in a neighborhood of purposely, modest homes and typical Mexican restaurants just blocks away from the beach, actually offers diners the opportunity to feel as if they are dining in Gray’s own home.

Gray designed the building’s interior and exterior to be reminiscent of a cozy, European bistro. As such, he offers guests an experience full of intimacy, perfected by optimal lighting; a well appointed neighborhood bar; warm color scheme; California-inspired bay windows and arched view into the open kitchen. A unique piece of art greets guests as they walk into the restaurant, a drawing of “A Melting Clock.” The design was spontaneously offered to Gray by a visiting German tattoo artist, who pronounced that the drawing should be painted on what was then a plain, gray wall – that in fact resembles a canvas.

A loyal following of celebrities, world-renowned chefs, foodies, politicians and locals alike have all become charmed by John Gray’s approach to ambience, service and classic interpretations that fuse international flavors and ingredient pairings within each selection. As Puerto Morelos has become a destination for the discerning traveler, Gray has been able to offer his clientele the highest quality cuisine, all while offering a diverse selection of wines from around the world, with his newest offering being his own – John Gray’s Private Barrel Selection 2008, El Corazon. In 2008, John Gray visited the Guadalupe Valley, Baja California, Mexico’s main wine producing region, to work in collaboration with a renowned sommelier to personally hand select outstanding vintages from the region’s most acclaimed and small production vineyards. The experience offered them the opportunity to ultimately create a lesser known, yet exceptional, Mexican wine, El Corazon.

As the sole chef representing Mexico in the 2010 Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival; John Gray is the owner of four successful restaurants and one bar/lounge located throughout the Riviera Maya, Mexico: John Gray’s Place in Playa del Carmen; La Suegra de John Gray on the beach of Puerto Morelos; John Gray’s Downtown in downtown Cancun and The Den at John Gray’s Place, is adjacent to John Gray’s Place in Playa del Carmen.

With Thanks to the Cancun Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Health and Safety Tips for Cancun Mexico

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Cancun top choice for Labor Day Travelers Sep 05

Cancun, one of the preferred destinations for Americans, gets ready to receive all the visitors who want to take advantage of the incredible packages and deals that hotels, parks and attractions are offering for Labor Day 2009.

Orbitz travel expert, Jeanenne Tornatore, has named Cancun one of the top five choices for Labor Day travelers. With 75% hotel occupancy, Cancun offers superior hotel infrastructure, international cuisine, amazing archeological sites and unparallel customer service to all Labor Day travelers who wish to escape to Caribbean paradise.

Cancun Labor Day Offers include but not limited to:

• Xel-Ha Natural Aquarium: Labor Day 10 Package includes a 10 % discount on entrance fees, Snuba, manatee encounter, snorkeling lessons, Sea Trek and much more. Visit for more information to make your reservation today.
• The Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas: 4th night free in all room categories, including Junior Suites and 3 bedroom Villas and advance purchase discounts of 10 to 15% off leisure rates. For information, consult their web site at or call toll free 1-800-843-6664.
• The Westin Resort & Spa Cancun: Enjoy your 4th or 7th night free and a $100 food & beverage credit with a 4 night minimum stay or $150 food & beverage credit with a 7 night minimum stay, making it truly sensational. Visit
• Paradise Riviera Cancun in Puerto Morelos: Upgraded room available (Superior Category) at reduced rates. Book August 13-31, 2009 to receive this great offer good August 23- September 30, 2009. Visit
• Azul Beach & Azul Sensator: Save up to 45% on Azul family-oriented Suites, only $125 per person per night. Book today through Oct. 31, 2009 and travel anytime now through December 22nd, 2009. Visit
• Hotel El Rey Del Caribe: This intimate hotel is offering guests who pay for 3 nights get 1 free night or pay for 5 nights and get 2 nights free. Offer valid until December 15, 2009. Visit to book or for more information.
• JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa and Casa Magna Marriott Cancun Resort: Book for 4 nights and get one night free and guests who book at least 3 days in advance receive a $60 discount. Visit CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort
• SolyMar Cancun Beach and Resort: Book at least 3 nights during the Labor Day weekend and receive September 7th free. Visit
• Hyatt Regency Cancun- For a limited time only guests can enjoy a rate of $76.00, taxes not included. Visit
• ME Cancun: Book August 20 – September 10, 2009 and upgrade yourself to the next level of indulgence. Travel anytime from time of booking through December 20, 20009. Book standard deluxe lagoon view and indulge in a superior accommodation. Visit
• Royal Hacienda: For only $449 enjoy 5 days, 4 nights at the latest member of the Royal Resorts collection, a five-star hideaway on one of the finest beaches. Package includes 5 days, 4 nights at The Royal Haciendas and 2 tickets to Xcaret Park or 2 tickets to the Mayan city of Chichen Itza. Call 1-888-838-7842 or visit
• Ritz Carlton Cancun: Special Labor Day rate of $202. Guests are required to pay at time of booking. Visit for
• Hotel Batab Cancun: Labor Day rates for 1-2 person bookings only $48 and includes an all-American breakfast. Visit
• Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita: Guest will enjoy the September Special, 1, 2, Free staring at $241 and includes 3rd night free, 3rd bottle of wine free, when paying for two and 3rd Spa treatment free, when paying for two. For set up dinners (at the beach, at the pool , etc) 3rd will be free when paying for 2 or get the second set up with 33% off, added values and free nights are cumulative, every 2 nights paid get the third night free, every 2 bottles of wine get the third free, etc. Special is applicable to wines that are not part of our Endless Privileges Program in any of our restaurants. To book or for more details visit
• CasaSandra Hotel (Holbox): Book at least 4 nights including Labor Day, September 7th, and receive one night free. Visit
• Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun: Book now and receive 25 % off on accommodations, food & beverage and spa treatments. Visit
• Gran Melia Cancun: Upgrade yourself to a new level of luxury, book from August 20th to December 20Th. Receive a complementary upgrade to royal service category, when booking deluxe ocean view room. Visit
• Aqua Cancun: Take advantage of the Fall for Less promotion which offers 35% discount on deluxe ocean view and ocean front accommodations and 25% discount on food & beverage and spa. Guests can also indulge in the Vive Aquí, Vive Aqua Promotion which includes double occupancy ocean view accommodation, a hand massage and cocktail upon arrival, aroma therapy in room menu, ocean side lounge, late checkout and 15% discount on all food & beverage during their stay. Offer valid now through December 23, 2009. Visit or call 01 800 800 AQUA and mention the promotional code PROMDF0252.
• Cancun Clipper Club: Labor Day promotion offers 50% discount for single and double occupancy and includes breakfast. Visit or email
• Excellence Riviera Cancun: Summer Fall Special 35 %, book before August 31st, 2009 and Travel from now through December 23rd 2009 and obtain 35% discount. Visit
• Excellence Playa Mujeres: Summer Fall Special 35 % book before August 31st, 2009 and Travel from now through December 23rd 2009 and obtain 35% discount. Visit

About Cancun

Cancun is located in the northern part of the southeastern Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The island of Cancun is in the shape of a “7” and is bordered to the north by the Bahia de Mujeres; to the east by the Caribbean Sea; and to the west by the Nichupte Lagoon. Cancun is Mexico’s largest tourist destination and boasts 146 hotels with a total of 28,808 rooms.

Opportunities for new experiences abound in Cancun, which offers visitors an ideal setting for interacting with nature and discovering Mayan culture.

With Thanks to the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Cancun Airport – one of the best in the world Aug 12

Cancun’s airport has been recognized by the Airport Service Quality program as the best airport in Latin America.

During the first three months of 2009, the evaluation process determined that Mexico’s Southeast Airport Terminal qualified as one of the four finest in the world. The Airport Service Quality program results incorporated 126 airports worldwide, including major hubs such as London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Sydney, Munich, Frankfurt and Mexico City. With its high marks, Cancun rose above airports in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania.

With Thanks to the Cancun Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Cancun Airport Transfers

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Hurricane Wilma & Cancun on Storm Stories Tomorrow Aug 10

7PM Cancun time (same as Chicago)

A tropical storm turns into a hurricane faster than any other hurricane in the history of the Atlantic basin, catching vacationers in the Yucatan completely off guard. Honeymooners as well as a group of friends are among thousands of vacationers forced to spend five days in overflowing shelters. Conditions deteriorate and tensions rise as the fierce hurricane lingers overhead, seemingly unwilling to leave.

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Purchasing Medical Insurance if you are a Cancun Mexico Resident Aug 09

Many expatriates think that moving to Mexico with their U.S. health policies provides sufficient coverage. After all, any major medical situation could be treated back home, while the local medical insurance would be exclusively for “minor” issues. This logic works fine as long as a “major medical issue” actually permits travel back to your home country for treatment. In most cases, this is simply not recommended, if not impossible.

Let’s say that your health insurance policy covers international “emergency” claims and you are aware that Mexico is finally being brought up to world hospital service standards. But, what does “international coverage” really mean? Sometimes it is a reimbursement coverage (e.g., you pay first and then the insurance company pays you) capped up to a relatively small amount. Sometimes, it is coverage for “network” hospitals. In these cases, out-of-network facilities usually indicate major limitations in coverage.

Are the local hospitals members of your policy’s network? What are your policy’s requirements regarding health crises in a foreign land? Are air ambulance services included in your plan?

If answering these questions does not leave you with a good impression of your current health policy, it need not mean it is a poor plan. It simply indicates
that it has been designed for your country’s local market. And yes, many costs in Mexico are lower than at home. But when it comes to receiving emergency medical attention at one of Mexico’s top hospitals, the experience will not be easy on the pocketbook.

The ideal solution does not require that you purchase a brand new policy better adapted for Mexico. Neither good health care nor health policies come cheap in Mexico. Thus, by buying a new policy, you will be paying twice as much for health coverage.

Ideally, your current health plan should be complemented with a supplemental international health policy that functions as “top-up” coverage after a certain amount, usually $10,000 to $20,000 USD have been spent on your “basic” plan. International health policies are those that offer similar services, regardless of where the claim is taking place, including at home! They also include air ambulance services should evacuation become necessary.

For those without any coverage, complete policies can be purchased with lower deductibles (e.g. $250 to $5000 USD). If you visit Mexico for relatively short periods (e.g. up to 3 months), you may want to consider getting a TRAVEL INSURANCE POLICY. The best plans must make direct payments to hospitals worldwide and rely very little on networks. Plans that only work with pre-established networks of doctors and hospitals often result in delayed care and added bureaucratic red tape.

Health Insurance Plans with International Coverage

There are a number of health insurance plans with international coverage. The two best known companies in Mexico are International Health Insurance (IHI) from Denmark and Amedex Insurance Company from the U.S. Basically, their plans differ in the fact that Amedex requires a 2-day prenotification of programmed hospitalizations and has a network of hospitals in the U.S. (free choice of facilities in the rest of the World). IHI is free-choice worldwide and does not require prenotifications, which makes it more flexible (and a bit more expensive). Both are ready to make direct payments to hospitals worldwide.

As for national companies, ING – Comercial America, Grupo Nacional Provincial, and Royal and Sunalliance, among others, offer plans with international coverage at costs similar to those of the international corporations. Generally speaking, they are bound by hospital networks both in Mexico and abroad.

Your best choice is to contact a local insurance agent for guidance as to the most appropriate alternatives, according to your budget and lifestyle.

International Health Insurance (IHI)

Denmark Phone: +45-33-15-30-99
Fax: +45-33-32-25-60

Amedex Insurance Company

U.S. Phone: +1-305-275-1400
Toll-Free from the U.S: 1-800-726-1203
Toll-Free from Mexico: 01-800-226-3339
U.S. Fax: +1-305-275-8555

ING – Comercial America

Mexico Phone: +52-55-5169-2700
Toll-Free from Mexico: 01-800-SOLUCIONES

Grupo Nacional Provincial
Mexico Phone: +52-55-5227-3503
Toll-Free from Mexico: 01-800-908-4400

Royal and Sun Alliance

Mexico Phone: +52-55-5723-7999
Toll-Free from Mexico: 01-800-723-7900
U.S. Phone: +1-704-522-2000
Canada Phone: +1-416-366-7600

Authors: Robert H. Page, MD and Curtis P. Page, MD are authors of the MEXICO: Health and Safety Travel Guide and the Healthy Traveler Regional Series.

Copyright© 2008 MedToGo , LLC.

For more Health & Safety Tips please visit

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