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Daylight Saving Time in Cancun Mar 31

Mexico observes Daylight Saving Time on a different schedule than the US and Canada. Also, different states within Mexico change their clocks on different days.  Confusing? Let me help explain.

Starting in 2010, the border states of Mexico with the US change their clock the same as the US does. The Mexican cities and states are:

City, State
Acuna, Coahuila
Anahuac, Nuevo Leon
Juarez, Chihuahua
Matamoros, Tamaulipas
Mexicali, Baja California
Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
Ojinaga, Chihuahua
Piedras Negras, Coahuila
Reynosa, Tamaulipas
Tijuana, Baja California

US and Border States of Mexico
2012 11 March 2012 4 November 2012
2013 10 March 2013 3 November 2013
2014 9 March 2014 2 November 2014
2015 8 March 2015 1 November 2015

This was done to facilitate the commerce between the US and the Mexican border states. Here in Cancun, for the 3 weeks between the time the US changes and we change, it is confusing and chaotic. Some travelers to Cancun and the Riviera Maya have a difficult time figuring out their flight times. Here in Cancun we are on Central Standard Time (CST), but for those 3 weeks between time changes we are an hour different.

Now, for the rest of Mexico, including Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Cancun & Riviera Maya Mexico
2012 April 1 October 28
2013 April 7 October 27
2014 April 6 October 26
2015 April 5 October 25

I hope this information helps you understand the Daylight Saving Time differences between the US and Mexico.

Tepache de Piña – very unique local drink in Cancun Mar 18

There are little carts in downtown Cancun that sell “Tepache de piña” or fermented pineapple juice. It might not sound good, but it really is!

We have seen these carts for a long time and finally decided to try it yesterday. To me it tasted a little like pineapple flavored apple cider. Delicious!


We received our “juice in a bag” for only 10 pesos and I think it was about 1 liter of juice.


If you are craving this unique beverage and can’t come to Cancun, you can get it through Amazon. Yep, that’s right, Amazon has everything.

Is Cancun safe for travelers Apr 18

Is Cancun safe for travelers? Short answer: yes. Long answer: definitely yes! It is one of the safest places on the North American continent, with an overall murder rate of about 4.5%, and a tourist murder rate almost too small to measure. We get around three million visitors a year in Cancun itself, but less than 500 crimes are reported annually in the Hotel Zone police station. Not all of them involve tourists. Americans, Canadians and other foreign residents universally agree that Cancun is a safe place to live.


Typical Cancun resident Rivergirl writes on The Truth About Mexico blog:

In 2008 more than 4.5 million international tourists arrived at the Cancun Airport. The vast majority of these tourists went home with nothing worse than sunburn and a hangover. Tourists do die here, just like they do in every tourist destination, but if you look at the statistics you see that they die from drowning (usually because they swim while drunk) or from heart attacks or sometimes they die in car accidents.

If you read the US State Dept warning carefully you will see that it warns people away from the border areas, primarily Tijuana and Juarez. Those areas are 1200+ miles from Cancun. Would you avoid going to Miami, Florida because of violence in Detroit, Michigan? I wouldn’t.

It would be a shame for you to cancel your trip because of worry over violence toward tourists here. Tourists need to use common sense here; there is the normal petty crime you find in any tourist destination. But there simply isn’t violence against tourists here in Cancun.

So why is this a controversy? Cancun is always mentioned in any item on tourism in Mexico. Even if Cancun is included only as an example of a safe area, it is likely to be highlighted in the lead, headline and search results. Cancun, the most popular Mexican resort, and one of the world’s outstanding tourism success stories, is a media celebrity. They want it to be Miami Vice, but it’s really the Love Boat. Besides, something happens down south in Tulum, and it is invariably reported as taking place in Cancun, or in the Cancun area.

Violence against tourists is very rare here. Petty crime is not uncommon in Cancun. When traveling anywhere, you have to be on your guard, as there are thieves who prey on careless travellers, and Cancun is no exception. Hotels are now installing room safes large enough to hold laptops, which are a prime target for thieves. Street crime and assaults on tourists are quite unusual, even in downtown Cancun. Most sexual crimes are among fellow tourists. Out-and-out clear-cut rape is very rare. Some cases involve young women who get blind drunk at discos or bars and then have sex with virtual strangers while nearly unconscious. On awakening, they get angry and want to press charges. In one case, an American high school student had gone off with a guy and had sex and then she couldn’t even remember who he was or where it had taken place. According to the newspaper report, she was baffled when the police declined to investigate.

There have been cases that are clearly rape, such as by a security guard who let himself into a woman’s room and forcibly raped her. He later tearfully confessed that he had seen her naked and was overwhelmed by lust. These are definitely prosecuted.

Police extortion of tourists detained for minor driving offenses is often a problem and there have been some grotesque incidents. The authorities cracked down hard, however, and dismissed many officers, including some top officials. They claim the problem is under control. Under control does not mean eliminated.

The police are friendly, however, and do have a sort of sense of honor (or they are just prudent) and we rarely hear of innocent parties being shaken down for a bribe. Even if you are clearly innocent and have the courage to attempt facing down a police officer, the expedient approach to police extortion is to pay them off. You can usually bargain them down quite a bit. Assume that they are talking in pesos, not dollars. I don’t know what the current rates are, but I would suspect that it can’t hurt to offer 100 pesos for something such as making a turn without signaling. Try not to get outraged about it. Just be practical and maintain a sense of humor.

By Jules Siegel. Jules is an American journalist whose work has appeared in Playboy, Rolling Stone, Best American Short Stories and many other publications. He has lived in Cancun with his family since 1983. He is the author of the Cancun User’s Guide.

© All Rights Reserved.

Helpful information.

Vacation tips for Cancun Mexico

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Five must-see places in Cancun Mexico Apr 17

Parque Kabah in downtown Cancun is a taste of what the local flora and fauna looked like before development took its toll on the city. Paths wind through acres offering views of many different birds, butterflies and a representative Maya dwelling. A museum offers photographic displays, occasional exhibitions and programs. This building was transported here from the hotel zone. It was the first dwelling on the island. A shady play area for children is nearby. Open daily from six a.m. until five p.m. (Afternoon closings vary according to season.) Hotel Zone bus #27 goes to a side entrance. Easily reachable also by taxi.

Mercado 28 and Plaza Bonita are located alongside one another in downtown Cancun. An easy bus ride from the Hotel Zone on number 2 or 15 bus lets you off a five-minute walk through a nice neighborhood passing local stores. Mercado 28 has many stalls with items for every taste and budget. Handmade Yucatecan hammocks from baby to family size and other quaint accessories can be purchased at Hamacas El Aguacate, interior of Plaza Bonita. Traditionally dressed women from Chiapas sell articles of clothing and other embroidered handicrafts at the entrance of Plaza Bonita facing Mercado 28.

El Rey Ruins nestle on the west side of Kukulcan Boulevard in the Hotel Zone. Located at kilometer — the ruins are not visible from the road, so be sure to watch for the entrance found just past the curve at El Mirador (The Lookout). These Mayan structures were part of a coastal network of trading and strategic locations active in the Post Classic period. A beautiful place to walk through early in the day or late in the afternoon, it is a refuge for different kinds of birds and iguanas, so please be aware of their right to a quiet life. Hours are eight a.m. to five p.m. and admission is thirty five pesos. Open daily. Easily reachable by Hotel Zone bus.

Plaza La Isla Shopping Village, Kukulcan Boulevard at kilometer 12.5, is a charming complex with quaint architecture and meandering canals. Especially recommended: Ah Cacao Chocolate Café is located in the interior of La Isla Shopping Village. The shop is a few doors down from the aquarium.The best coffee available in Cancun, grown conscientiously in Chiapas. The chocolate products are made from beans grown in Tabasco. You can purchase coffee beans to take with you, and an exciting array of coffee and chocolate gift items in pretty wrappings. Your purchases help support local conservation programs. There are tables outside the shop for savoring an exceptional chocolate shake or an excellent cup of coffee.

There are several discos in the Hotel Zone, but The City is the largest club in Latin America and offers a variety of international acts that have included Fergie, Ludacris, Akon, Flo Rida, American Eagle, MTV, 50 Cent, Sasha, Tiësto, Paul Van Dyk, Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton and more. The City has a million-watt sound system and 650 sq ft of video screens. The stage is designed for live entertainment, music concerts and DJ presentations, with a capacity for more than 5,000 people in 8,000 sqft of floor space and 9 bars over three floors. Located at Punta Cancun hub of the Hotel Zone, it has its own beach club with pools, seating and other amenities. The newly widened beach is in front of the club.

Written by Jules Siegal. Jules is an American journalist whose work has appeared in Playboy, Rolling Stone, Best American Short Stories and many other publications. He has lived in Cancun with his family since 1983. He is the author of the Cancun User’s Guide.

Copyright All rights reserved.

Helpful Information

Vacation Tips (including Health & Safety Tips)

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Jet Lag and Motion Sickness for Travelers to Cancun Jun 21

Jet Lag

Your body is regulated by light/dark cycles that trigger the rhythmic release of hormones throughout the day. When you cross multiple time zones, you are exposed to light and darkness at uncommon times. As a result, your natural hormonal rhythms may be drastically disrupted, creating symptoms such as daytime fatigue, reduced mental and physical performance, irritability, or general malaise.

Fortunately, jet lag is typically reserved for individuals who have crossed multiple time zones. For practical purposes, travel from North America to the Baja California does not place you at much risk unless you are coming from the East Coast, Hawaii, or Europe. There is not much that can be done to reduce the symptoms of jet lag and often only time relieves them. Some recommendations include:

* Get a lot of sleep and rest in the days before you travel.
* Adapt as quickly as possible to the new time zone by waking and sleeping as others do I that time zone.
* Nap and rest between activities during the first few days after your arrival.
* If you are traveling west (and your day is increased), avoid prolonged periods of sleep. Try to take small naps instead.
* If you are taking a night flight, try to get good sleep on the plane.

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is generally a genetic predisposition that affects people to varying degrees. If you become ill in the back seat of a moving vehicle, on a bumpy plane ride, or on the ocean, there are some maneuvers and medications that may lessen your symptoms. Sometimes, avoiding these situations is the best approach.

Motion sickness rarely affects children before age two, and tends to peak about the age of 12, becoming less noticeable over the years. Symptoms may include nausea, abdominal discomfort, dizziness or unsteadiness, drowsiness, cold sweats, and in -severe cases- even vomiting and dehydration. Factors that may increase your risk include fatigue, alcohol, certain drugs, anxiety, and exposure to foul smells.

If you are on a large aircraft, try to choose a seat over the center wing. The same goes for traveling by boat: try to position yourself in the center of the craft where there is less to-and-fro movement. Focus your vision on the horizon. In smaller boats it seems to make no difference where you are located. If you are in a car, try to sit in the front seat with the window open, focusing your gaze on the horizon.

Some medications have been found to be helpful, including Transderm Scop (scopolamine) Patches, Scopace tablets (scopolamine), Dramamine (dimenhydrinate), and Stutgeron (cinnarizine). While all of these will help, they do have inherent side effects common to their drug class, such as blurred vision, drowsiness, dry mouth, and dizziness. These medications are not recommended for use in children. Instead, you may safely use Benadryl (diphendydramine) for your child. Ginger or ginger root can help calm a queasy stomach.

From my friends at MedtoGo.

View more Health & Safety Tips at

Hilton Cancun Superior Ocean View Room from $38.50 a night. Kids Free Jun 09

Valid: June 08 to September 30, 2009

$77 a night for 1 person.

$38.50 a night per person for double or triple occupancy.

2 children up to 12 years Free, and kids eat free when accompanied by an adult at the Hilton Cancun’s Restaurants.

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Good news — Cancun Mexico May 23

A big party with the Stars Game of Cancun at the “Beto Avila”
The third Polo’s Cup “The King” completes
Cancun’s night life updates

Cancun, Quintana Roo, May 22th, 2009. List of events and significant activities happening in Cancun.

Next Sunday June 7th Cancun will have a big party, at the “Beto Avila” Park with the 77th Half Campaign’s Classic’s Edition and Home Run Derby. The summer’s baseball main leader in our country, Escalante Bolio said everything is ready for this big party, which had some arrangements and he added – “In the last assembly that LMB,(Baseball Mexican league) the Stars Game was confirmed for Cancun, and we’ve left everything for a day that will be Sunday, June 7th, beginning our activities from 10:30 am with Chairmen Assembly, at 2 pm. with the congratulations meal, where only special appointments trophies will be awarded, and in the field at 5 pm we will have the Home Run Derby”.

This coming June 6th, Xel-ha celebrates the Honey’s Crop’s Ceremony of “Xunaan Cab” or Melipone Bee, where a Mayan priest comes to the home of Xel-Ha and leads a ritual in which one thanks to the Mayan deities for its blessings for the bees fertility. The melipone bee’s peculiarity or Mayan bee is the fact that the bee hasn’t sting and the honey, which it produces, has a high nourishing and medicinal value.
During the ceremony, Mayan musicians are present and it takes place the honey’s extractions of the “jobones”, hollowed wood’s trunks do beehive times. In addition to the prayers in front of the altar, decorated with candles, cups and crosses, the typical meal is offered.
The offerings are the “Saka” or “Sisool”, a kind of sacred drink which is prepared with parboiled corn and sweetened with the honey of Xunaan Cab, and served in cups; braised chicken and two parts of thirteen tortillas

The third King’s Cup ends with big news for Cancun and Puerto Morelos, three involved personalities in the Third edition of Polo’s Cup “The King” predict an amazing future for this sport in the Mexican Caribbean, Manolo Calvo, Miguel Angel Lemus and Arturo Marcelin, well known businessmen, boosted the Third edition of Polo’s Cup “The King” and results are very flattering.

Beyond the team’s victory, integrated by players of Andalucia Hacienda (Treasury), there is the thought of the memories as promise for the immediate future and the important development of the fantastic sport called of kings in which the lineage does not highlight because the strength and vigor are more important, and also a lot of reckless when one is on the back of a nice horse of 993 pounds or more.

And for the weekend Coco Bongo opens its doors carrying out strict health regulations such as: previously disinfected areas, disposable glasses, antibacterial soaps in baths, staff qualified by healthiness, “We want Coco Bongo to be the best Entertainment Center of the Mexican Caribbean and also a safe place for our customers and employees” says Jorge Caamano, Commercial Manager.

The City organizes every Tuesday a party in the Cabana Beach, unique in Cancun for its great environment with comfortable huts for the consumption of exclusive customers. On Fridays and Saturdays the City presents its most representative shows starting 10:30 pm.

Bulldog Cancun offers every Wednesday its Bikini Contest and Beach party, on Fridays, Living Weekend party and for Saturdays, Live dj. Bulldog has a capacity for 1800 people in concert format and 730 people in cocktail format, five perfectly situated bars, private areas for groups, VIP room with jacuzzi, stage for musical bands (with necessary easiness), 2 giant screens, automatic lights to enjoy a great party.

A classic for Cancun’s stylish people is Club Nights; concept started in 2005 in a bar located suitably in the city’s center where the assistants were sharing the taste for the Bohemian nights. Nowadays, Club Nights updates with a new pop concept into Live, Karaoke and Concert Hall, Freedom Group’s concept where there is a mix of karaoke, musical videos, DJ music and band in live with an atmosphere and retro fashions design, bringing the best music of 80’s and 90’s.

Mexicana Group reports: that throughout the years the airline has been managed by the norms established by the authorities which head the aeronautical sector around the world, such as IATA (International Air Transport Association), DGAC Mexico (Head Management of Civilian Aeronautics), WHO (World Organization of the Health) and diverse entities which govern the task of the airline in countries where it proceeds, it is safety to travel through Mexicana because it takes care of the health having a clean environment, and because all the food used on board is carefully prepared under strict norms of hygiene and quality, bringing a nutritional balance, characteristics which do not disappear during its transfer to the plane, which allows to guarantee the quality of the food.

With Thanks to the Visitors and Conventions office of Cancun

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Cancun updates May 16

Cancun, Quintana Roo, May 14th, 2009. The Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau informs the update on the activities taking place along the following days in Cancun and Puerto Morelos:

• Cancun is celebrating its soccer team, since last Tuesday May 12th, the Atlante ‘Potros de Hierro’ (Iron Colts) claimed the CONCACAF Champions League Cup, defeating Cruz Azul in front of a home crowd at Estadio Andres Quintana Roo. With this victory, the Atlante got its direct pass towards the FIFA Club World Cup in the United Arab Emirates in December.

Due to this celebration, Le Meridien Cancun hosted the lunch for the closing ceremony of the Concachampions Cup. The managers of 80 teams attended this important sports event.

• The Aventura Spa Palace will host the pharmaceutical group Elly Lilly’s convention at the end of May. There will be more than 750 participants.

• In the middle of June at this same hotel will be the Conagra Foods 2009 Convention. Consorcio Agropecuario Americano S.A.C. represents a select group of North American and foreign companies who provide suitable products to improve harvests and plant health in harmony with the environment.

• World Environment Day, 5 June 2009. Xcaret Park was ratified as the host of the International Climate Change Summit with more than 250 officials participating who are specialists in environmental matters. This celebration takes place each year and is organised by the United Nations via the United Nations Program for the Environment and is part of the World Environment Day. The meeting will be presided over by C. Felipe Calderon, Constitutional President of Mexico.

• An event which is now a tradition in Cancun is the one that La Parrilla Restaurant has each year: the Mole Fair, which will be held from the 14 – 31 May. It is to celebrate one of the most traditional dishes in Mexico, and to promote the gastronomy and tradition which in our history has had such a great impact on our culture. The XII Mole Fair is a unique opportunity to savour more than 15 varieties of mole all prepared from original recipes, highlighting the Pink Mole from Taxco for its originality and the Guayaba Mole for its flavor, which is La Parilla’s own recipe.

• The shopping malls have many promotions. If you spend more than 2000 pesos in Ultrafemme and include at least one treatment, Ultrafemme will give you a voucher for the Skin Lounge in Plaza las Americas or in Plaza Caracol for the

• whole month of May. Luxury Bar, DKNY, Wolford and Les Bons Enfants are offering a certificate of 100 pesos for every 1000 pesos spent. This promotion is valid for your next purchase. Tous, Longchamps and Fendi have discounts on selected merchandise and the promotion is valid until they run out of those products.

• Flamingo Plaza invites you the Classic Car Exhibition where you can admire cars such as the Ford 1930, Mustang, Match One, Mini Morris, various Mercedes Benz, among these is the one that competed in the Panamerican 2008, and there will even be a red Viper convertible.

# # #

With thanks to the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Life is delicious in the sea Cancun Mexico May 14

• The first two sculptures of the Museum of Underwater Sculptures in Cancun will soon be installed
• Sport fishing Tournaments will soon be held in Puerto Morelos and Cozumel
• All ready for the Sacred Mayan Crossing

Cancun, Quintana Roo, May 11th, 2009. Cancun has great news for scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling fans. Thanks to their positions opposite the Great Mesoamerican Reef and next to the Nichupte Lagoon system, Cancun and Puerto Morelos are the ideal destinations for practicing water sports such as the ones that are programmed soon:

• One of the most important nautical projects undertaken this year in the coral reefs of the National Marine Park of the Occidental Coast in Isla Mujeres, Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc, is the Museum of Underwater Sculpture in Cancun, where they will submerge sculptures that will serve as new reefs, and be the refuge for multicolored fish.

This project will not only attract visitors to admire the underwater art made by the London sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor, but will also ease the number of people exploring the natural reefs. The authorities from the Marina Park and the Nautical Associates from Cancun confirmed that this first stage will be achieved with federal funds contributed by the Community Projects for Sustainable Development Program (PROCODES), along with contributions from the association itself. The first two sculptures will soon be installed at a depth of 4 meters and will be named “The Gardener of Hope” and “The Keeper of Dreams”. These represent the synthesis between art and science because once they are submerged, fragments of broken, live coral, taken from areas that have been harmed by human or natural activities will be placed on it. This technique has been established as a procedure for reef conservation, as it provides a new adequate substratum for the rescued coral.

The second stage of this artistic proposal involves 200 more sculptures made of a special concrete which has the adequate resistance and alkalinity for durability without harming the marine species.

• On 30th May the 4th International Swimming Marathon in Open Waters, from Cancun to Isla Mujeres “Por la Libre 2009” will take place. The event is organized by the AMC Association of Master of the Caribbean and Starc Productions, with the support of the state association Swimmers of Quintana Roo and the Mexican Swimming Federation.

Under the slogan “Put your Heart into Your Swimming” the organizers will develop many events in the state of Quintana Roo to promote this discipline, and support noble causes. The event is known for its friendly family atmosphere.

• The National Sport-fishing Tournament in Cozumel will take place from the 15th to 17th May and is open to all registered Mexican boats. It is a traditional event and is being celebrated for the 38th time at the island. This has now been named as one of the most important fishing events in the country owing to 195 boats and 1300 fisherman taking part in the 2008 edition.

• The third edition of the Sacred Mayan Crossing will take place from the 21st to 23rd May this year. Thirty 8 meter canoes will depart with a crew of 4-6 rowers. The aim is to cross the Cozumel Canal from Pole, modern day Xcaret, to the island of Cuzamil, now named Cozumel, and the next day cross to Xamanha, now named Playa del Carmen.

The Sacred Mayan Crossing is a recreation of the ritual pilgrimage undertaken by the inhabitants of these villages in the Yucatan Peninsula to worship the goddess Ix Chel (the goddess of fertility) and consult her oracle.

Once the crossing begins the 30 canoes destined for Cozumel will travel about 28 kilometers, one way, which represents about 6-7 hours of continual rowing in the open sea with a depth of 420 meters and south to north currents of about 2-4 knots. This is why all the participating canoeists started rowing, swimming, floating and physical fitness training since last February.

The Sacred Mayan Crossing takes us back to the Mayan past during the XI century AD to the XVl century AD with its rich history and cultural legacy. It is a live example of the relationship between the Maya and all things sacred. Relive the bravery and audacity of these ancient mariners that contributed to the splendor of their culture in the Yucatan Peninsula through their commercial networks. Today it is a tradition that the people of Quintana Roo look forward to year after year.

• The tours to the Isla Contoy National Park continue as usual, on Thursday and Sunday on board the caravelle “La Pinta” with Colon Tours, and on Tuesday and Saturday with Asterix Naviera.

Isla Contoy is the oldest Natural Protected Area in Quintana Roo, decreed as a Natural Reserve Zone on the 19th January 1961. Within the park there are three endangered species of marine turtle, Blanca, carey and caguama. It is also the refuge for the most important marine birds in the Mexican Caribbean Sea, home to 150 migratory, resident and occasional birds.

• On 7th May the hotel chain Palace Resorts, announced through the Palace Resorts Foundation that the 2009 Season for the Integral Program for the Conservation of the Marine Turtle, which as just in the last three years managed to protect nearly 3000 nests and set free in the ocean more than 338 babies of these endangered species.

The Palace Resorts Foundation A.C. works widely with the municipal, state and federal authorities and shares this ecological experience with the guests, collaborators and visitors, especially children with special needs, as a means of sensitivity to nature.

• There are great expectations among fishing fans for the XX Sport-fishing Tournament in Puerto Morelos taking place from the 29-31st May and finishing o the 1st June to celebrate the XCll Anniversary of the National Navy. This tournament brings together more than 100 boats and 500 fishermen, and has become a tradition in Cancun and Puerto Morelos.

This Tournament is really special for the Cancun CVB, since it will be dedicated to the memory of a great colleague, fisherman and friend, Fernando González Cahluni.

Due to the support of the Puerto Morelos Hotel Association, there will be prices for the first five positions within each category, with complementary lodging from participant hotels, such as: Zöetry Paraíso de la Bonita, Secrets Resorts & Spas, Dreams Resorts & Spas, Ocean by H10 Hotels, Ceiba del Mar Beach & Spa Resort, Blue Bay Resorts, Palace Resorts, Azul Beach y Azul Sensatori by Karisma, NH Riviera Cancun, El Cid Resorts and Excellence México.

# # #

With Thanks to Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Tourism remains active in Cancun and Puerto Morelos May 07

Cancun, Quintana Roo, May 6th, 2009. Despite the fact of the influenza A (H1N1) outbreak that Mexico is facing and has directly impacted the tourism industry nationwide, it is important to point out that the activity in this important destination remains active, as follows:

•The tourism industry, including hotels, restaurants, theme parks, shopping centers, city transportation and marinas, are implementing sanitary measures in order to avoid any possible transmission of this virus.

•The Quintana Roo Secretary of Tourism, Sara Latife Ruiz Chavez, informed that the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) authorized the reopening of the archaeological sites in Quintana Roo, as well as in the rest of Mexico.

•Hotels such as the domestic chain Real Resorts are reinforcing their hygienic measures by setting alcohol-based hand cleaners in all the hotel areas, including their suites.

•Theme parks like Xcaret and Xel-Há remain open and with normal operations. They have confirmed that they will keep their full staff, through a joint agreement with their 2,300 employees.

•Dolphin Discovery Group continues operating without any change within their properties in Isla Mujeres, Puerto Aventuras and Cozumel, as well as Aquatours Marina and Garrafon Park. Their staff will continue working as usual.

•Río Secreto and Alltournative reported their regular operations.

•The Mexican Caribbean Golf Association has confirmed the regular operation of its twelve associates, including their brand-new partner Bahía Príncipe Riviera Maya Residencial Golf Resort, which will open next August. This Association has confirmed as well that Pok-ta-Pok Golf Course will invest an important amount of money in order to improve both, the course and the equipment.

•Restaurants such as Grill 14, Crab House, Carlos’n Charlie’s, Mamá Roma y El Shrimp Bucket are open and operation under extreme hygienic measures, and offering attractive promotions for the upcoming Mother’s Day.

•Benito Juarez City Hall has announced that starting May 7th, bars, nightclubs and movie theaters within Cancun and Puerto Morelos will open their doors, at 40% of their capacity, accordingly to the Mexico’s Ministry of Health recommendations.

•The 3rd King Polo Cup will take place as planned on May 9th, 10th, 15th and 16th at El Rey Polo Country Club, in Puerto Morelos.

•Fishing activities will also remain as programmed, with the 20th Puerto Morelos Sports Fishing Tournament, on May 29th to 31st, with an exciting closing ceremony on June the 1st.

•The Mexican Baseball Leage has announced the restoration of the matches, so the Quintana Roo’s Tigers will continue playing as usual.

•Finally, the trade and the educational activities in the Mexican Caribbean go back to normal, since high schools and universities will go back to classes starting Thursday May 7th, and elementary and kindergarten on Monday May 11th.

# # #

With Thanks to the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau

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