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Jet Lag and Motion Sickness for Travelers to Cancun Jun 21

Jet Lag

Your body is regulated by light/dark cycles that trigger the rhythmic release of hormones throughout the day. When you cross multiple time zones, you are exposed to light and darkness at uncommon times. As a result, your natural hormonal rhythms may be drastically disrupted, creating symptoms such as daytime fatigue, reduced mental and physical performance, irritability, or general malaise.

Fortunately, jet lag is typically reserved for individuals who have crossed multiple time zones. For practical purposes, travel from North America to the Baja California does not place you at much risk unless you are coming from the East Coast, Hawaii, or Europe. There is not much that can be done to reduce the symptoms of jet lag and often only time relieves them. Some recommendations include:

* Get a lot of sleep and rest in the days before you travel.
* Adapt as quickly as possible to the new time zone by waking and sleeping as others do I that time zone.
* Nap and rest between activities during the first few days after your arrival.
* If you are traveling west (and your day is increased), avoid prolonged periods of sleep. Try to take small naps instead.
* If you are taking a night flight, try to get good sleep on the plane.

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is generally a genetic predisposition that affects people to varying degrees. If you become ill in the back seat of a moving vehicle, on a bumpy plane ride, or on the ocean, there are some maneuvers and medications that may lessen your symptoms. Sometimes, avoiding these situations is the best approach.

Motion sickness rarely affects children before age two, and tends to peak about the age of 12, becoming less noticeable over the years. Symptoms may include nausea, abdominal discomfort, dizziness or unsteadiness, drowsiness, cold sweats, and in -severe cases- even vomiting and dehydration. Factors that may increase your risk include fatigue, alcohol, certain drugs, anxiety, and exposure to foul smells.

If you are on a large aircraft, try to choose a seat over the center wing. The same goes for traveling by boat: try to position yourself in the center of the craft where there is less to-and-fro movement. Focus your vision on the horizon. In smaller boats it seems to make no difference where you are located. If you are in a car, try to sit in the front seat with the window open, focusing your gaze on the horizon.

Some medications have been found to be helpful, including Transderm Scop (scopolamine) Patches, Scopace tablets (scopolamine), Dramamine (dimenhydrinate), and Stutgeron (cinnarizine). While all of these will help, they do have inherent side effects common to their drug class, such as blurred vision, drowsiness, dry mouth, and dizziness. These medications are not recommended for use in children. Instead, you may safely use Benadryl (diphendydramine) for your child. Ginger or ginger root can help calm a queasy stomach.

From my friends at MedtoGo.

View more Health & Safety Tips at

Hilton Cancun Superior Ocean View Room from $38.50 a night. Kids Free Jun 09

Valid: June 08 to September 30, 2009

$77 a night for 1 person.

$38.50 a night per person for double or triple occupancy.

2 children up to 12 years Free, and kids eat free when accompanied by an adult at the Hilton Cancun’s Restaurants.

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Newsy bits about Cancun and the Riviera Maya Jun 02

Quintana Roo to host World Environment Day.
The festivities for World Environment Day this June 5th will take place on a great stage: the natural landscapes of Quintana Roo. The celebration will be televised to over 180 countries around the globe and according to the Environmental and Natural Resources Secretary, Juan Elvira, Quintana Roo has already prepared the richest natural habitats of Xcaret for the occasion. The scenic beauty of Quintana Roo during World Environment Day shall serve as an incentive to become aware and conscious of the effects global warming can have on the planet.

Plaza Forum: Much more than a great place for shopping
With the same festive spirit of Cancun, Plaza Forum transforms itself into an entertainment stage going beyond its commercial mission with permanent performances in the lobby and consolidating its place as a leading attraction for its visitors. Committed to the conservation of the environment and to the natural habitat of Cancun, Plaza Forum has also joined forces with Rainforest Cafe. Together, they will bring the children of Cancun the event “Healthy Planet”, as part of their responsibility of educating the new generation about taking care of the planet.

Cancun takes charge of continental boxing
Everyone awaits the participants of the First American Continental World Boxing Congress to take place in Cancun on June 3-7. Hundreds will restructure the 4 federations of this sport and will elect their new board of directors. The presence of Jose Sulaiman, President of the World Boxing Confederation, at the hotels Royal in Cancun and Gran Caribe Real “where the conference will take place” will reaffirm Cancun as the Caribbean capital of emotions.

Amstar DMC Mexico receives award in Beijing
Amstar DMC Mexico’s work in promoting the country as a tourist destination for the Chinese was awarded the Bronze medal at the Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award Ceremony in 2009, under the “marketing” category. The award ceremony took place this past April in Beijing during the China Outbound Travel and Tourism Market, organized by China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, in order to recognize the international tourism entities, that with its excellent products and services, stimulate the growth and development of the tourism market in this nation. This annual award, which started in 2004, reaffirms the leadership of Amstar DMC Mexico, specializing that every tourist entering the country has the opportunity to experience something unforgettable.

Cancun travels on wheels towards US cities
On June 23rd the Roadshow 2009 will roll into San Diego and Los Angeles for a two day visit courtesy of the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau and Global Incentives Management, DMC. The participants will share banquets with groups of 30 to 40 meeting planners from each city, to which a mini-trade show with the participation of hotels and service providers to Cancun, will be placed. The show will be a multimedia presentation about the exclusive possibilities Cancun offers travelers and tourists.

Dolphins at the Pino Suarez subway station
Dolphins jump in the corridors of the Pino Suarez subway station, as travelers walk along a path of 14 display windows that the institute Via Delphi has put in place as part of the Investigation of Aquatic Mammals AC. The exposition, “Dolphins in the Subway”, gathers groups of dolphins in the most unimaginable places and is made possible through the support of System of Collective Transportation, and the Government of Mexico City, in order to surround the terrestrial tunnels with marine life, bringing users of the subway system the interesting existence of these intelligent and organized mammals.

Congress to contribute towards the progress of tourism industry education
Adding new academic resources for the development of professionals, collaborators, and university students that are competent and efficient for the tourism industry is the objective of the Second Human Capital Congress of the Mexican Caribbean, taking place on June 24th and 25th in the halls of the Cancun Center. With the participation of 18 specialists from the University of the Caribbean, University Anahuac of Cancun, and Interamericana University of Puerto Rico, as well as from entrepreneurs committed to the objectives of the event, this conference proposes to improve even more so the perfect, globally recognized hospitality industry of Quintana Roo and Mexico, that is already something to be proud of.

With thanks to the Cancun and Visitors bureau

Good news — Cancun Mexico May 23

A big party with the Stars Game of Cancun at the “Beto Avila”
The third Polo’s Cup “The King” completes
Cancun’s night life updates

Cancun, Quintana Roo, May 22th, 2009. List of events and significant activities happening in Cancun.

Next Sunday June 7th Cancun will have a big party, at the “Beto Avila” Park with the 77th Half Campaign’s Classic’s Edition and Home Run Derby. The summer’s baseball main leader in our country, Escalante Bolio said everything is ready for this big party, which had some arrangements and he added – “In the last assembly that LMB,(Baseball Mexican league) the Stars Game was confirmed for Cancun, and we’ve left everything for a day that will be Sunday, June 7th, beginning our activities from 10:30 am with Chairmen Assembly, at 2 pm. with the congratulations meal, where only special appointments trophies will be awarded, and in the field at 5 pm we will have the Home Run Derby”.

This coming June 6th, Xel-ha celebrates the Honey’s Crop’s Ceremony of “Xunaan Cab” or Melipone Bee, where a Mayan priest comes to the home of Xel-Ha and leads a ritual in which one thanks to the Mayan deities for its blessings for the bees fertility. The melipone bee’s peculiarity or Mayan bee is the fact that the bee hasn’t sting and the honey, which it produces, has a high nourishing and medicinal value.
During the ceremony, Mayan musicians are present and it takes place the honey’s extractions of the “jobones”, hollowed wood’s trunks do beehive times. In addition to the prayers in front of the altar, decorated with candles, cups and crosses, the typical meal is offered.
The offerings are the “Saka” or “Sisool”, a kind of sacred drink which is prepared with parboiled corn and sweetened with the honey of Xunaan Cab, and served in cups; braised chicken and two parts of thirteen tortillas

The third King’s Cup ends with big news for Cancun and Puerto Morelos, three involved personalities in the Third edition of Polo’s Cup “The King” predict an amazing future for this sport in the Mexican Caribbean, Manolo Calvo, Miguel Angel Lemus and Arturo Marcelin, well known businessmen, boosted the Third edition of Polo’s Cup “The King” and results are very flattering.

Beyond the team’s victory, integrated by players of Andalucia Hacienda (Treasury), there is the thought of the memories as promise for the immediate future and the important development of the fantastic sport called of kings in which the lineage does not highlight because the strength and vigor are more important, and also a lot of reckless when one is on the back of a nice horse of 993 pounds or more.

And for the weekend Coco Bongo opens its doors carrying out strict health regulations such as: previously disinfected areas, disposable glasses, antibacterial soaps in baths, staff qualified by healthiness, “We want Coco Bongo to be the best Entertainment Center of the Mexican Caribbean and also a safe place for our customers and employees” says Jorge Caamano, Commercial Manager.

The City organizes every Tuesday a party in the Cabana Beach, unique in Cancun for its great environment with comfortable huts for the consumption of exclusive customers. On Fridays and Saturdays the City presents its most representative shows starting 10:30 pm.

Bulldog Cancun offers every Wednesday its Bikini Contest and Beach party, on Fridays, Living Weekend party and for Saturdays, Live dj. Bulldog has a capacity for 1800 people in concert format and 730 people in cocktail format, five perfectly situated bars, private areas for groups, VIP room with jacuzzi, stage for musical bands (with necessary easiness), 2 giant screens, automatic lights to enjoy a great party.

A classic for Cancun’s stylish people is Club Nights; concept started in 2005 in a bar located suitably in the city’s center where the assistants were sharing the taste for the Bohemian nights. Nowadays, Club Nights updates with a new pop concept into Live, Karaoke and Concert Hall, Freedom Group’s concept where there is a mix of karaoke, musical videos, DJ music and band in live with an atmosphere and retro fashions design, bringing the best music of 80’s and 90’s.

Mexicana Group reports: that throughout the years the airline has been managed by the norms established by the authorities which head the aeronautical sector around the world, such as IATA (International Air Transport Association), DGAC Mexico (Head Management of Civilian Aeronautics), WHO (World Organization of the Health) and diverse entities which govern the task of the airline in countries where it proceeds, it is safety to travel through Mexicana because it takes care of the health having a clean environment, and because all the food used on board is carefully prepared under strict norms of hygiene and quality, bringing a nutritional balance, characteristics which do not disappear during its transfer to the plane, which allows to guarantee the quality of the food.

With Thanks to the Visitors and Conventions office of Cancun

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Cancun updates May 16

Cancun, Quintana Roo, May 14th, 2009. The Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau informs the update on the activities taking place along the following days in Cancun and Puerto Morelos:

• Cancun is celebrating its soccer team, since last Tuesday May 12th, the Atlante ‘Potros de Hierro’ (Iron Colts) claimed the CONCACAF Champions League Cup, defeating Cruz Azul in front of a home crowd at Estadio Andres Quintana Roo. With this victory, the Atlante got its direct pass towards the FIFA Club World Cup in the United Arab Emirates in December.

Due to this celebration, Le Meridien Cancun hosted the lunch for the closing ceremony of the Concachampions Cup. The managers of 80 teams attended this important sports event.

• The Aventura Spa Palace will host the pharmaceutical group Elly Lilly’s convention at the end of May. There will be more than 750 participants.

• In the middle of June at this same hotel will be the Conagra Foods 2009 Convention. Consorcio Agropecuario Americano S.A.C. represents a select group of North American and foreign companies who provide suitable products to improve harvests and plant health in harmony with the environment.

• World Environment Day, 5 June 2009. Xcaret Park was ratified as the host of the International Climate Change Summit with more than 250 officials participating who are specialists in environmental matters. This celebration takes place each year and is organised by the United Nations via the United Nations Program for the Environment and is part of the World Environment Day. The meeting will be presided over by C. Felipe Calderon, Constitutional President of Mexico.

• An event which is now a tradition in Cancun is the one that La Parrilla Restaurant has each year: the Mole Fair, which will be held from the 14 – 31 May. It is to celebrate one of the most traditional dishes in Mexico, and to promote the gastronomy and tradition which in our history has had such a great impact on our culture. The XII Mole Fair is a unique opportunity to savour more than 15 varieties of mole all prepared from original recipes, highlighting the Pink Mole from Taxco for its originality and the Guayaba Mole for its flavor, which is La Parilla’s own recipe.

• The shopping malls have many promotions. If you spend more than 2000 pesos in Ultrafemme and include at least one treatment, Ultrafemme will give you a voucher for the Skin Lounge in Plaza las Americas or in Plaza Caracol for the

• whole month of May. Luxury Bar, DKNY, Wolford and Les Bons Enfants are offering a certificate of 100 pesos for every 1000 pesos spent. This promotion is valid for your next purchase. Tous, Longchamps and Fendi have discounts on selected merchandise and the promotion is valid until they run out of those products.

• Flamingo Plaza invites you the Classic Car Exhibition where you can admire cars such as the Ford 1930, Mustang, Match One, Mini Morris, various Mercedes Benz, among these is the one that competed in the Panamerican 2008, and there will even be a red Viper convertible.

# # #

With thanks to the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Tourism remains active in Cancun and Puerto Morelos May 07

Cancun, Quintana Roo, May 6th, 2009. Despite the fact of the influenza A (H1N1) outbreak that Mexico is facing and has directly impacted the tourism industry nationwide, it is important to point out that the activity in this important destination remains active, as follows:

•The tourism industry, including hotels, restaurants, theme parks, shopping centers, city transportation and marinas, are implementing sanitary measures in order to avoid any possible transmission of this virus.

•The Quintana Roo Secretary of Tourism, Sara Latife Ruiz Chavez, informed that the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) authorized the reopening of the archaeological sites in Quintana Roo, as well as in the rest of Mexico.

•Hotels such as the domestic chain Real Resorts are reinforcing their hygienic measures by setting alcohol-based hand cleaners in all the hotel areas, including their suites.

•Theme parks like Xcaret and Xel-Há remain open and with normal operations. They have confirmed that they will keep their full staff, through a joint agreement with their 2,300 employees.

•Dolphin Discovery Group continues operating without any change within their properties in Isla Mujeres, Puerto Aventuras and Cozumel, as well as Aquatours Marina and Garrafon Park. Their staff will continue working as usual.

•Río Secreto and Alltournative reported their regular operations.

•The Mexican Caribbean Golf Association has confirmed the regular operation of its twelve associates, including their brand-new partner Bahía Príncipe Riviera Maya Residencial Golf Resort, which will open next August. This Association has confirmed as well that Pok-ta-Pok Golf Course will invest an important amount of money in order to improve both, the course and the equipment.

•Restaurants such as Grill 14, Crab House, Carlos’n Charlie’s, Mamá Roma y El Shrimp Bucket are open and operation under extreme hygienic measures, and offering attractive promotions for the upcoming Mother’s Day.

•Benito Juarez City Hall has announced that starting May 7th, bars, nightclubs and movie theaters within Cancun and Puerto Morelos will open their doors, at 40% of their capacity, accordingly to the Mexico’s Ministry of Health recommendations.

•The 3rd King Polo Cup will take place as planned on May 9th, 10th, 15th and 16th at El Rey Polo Country Club, in Puerto Morelos.

•Fishing activities will also remain as programmed, with the 20th Puerto Morelos Sports Fishing Tournament, on May 29th to 31st, with an exciting closing ceremony on June the 1st.

•The Mexican Baseball Leage has announced the restoration of the matches, so the Quintana Roo’s Tigers will continue playing as usual.

•Finally, the trade and the educational activities in the Mexican Caribbean go back to normal, since high schools and universities will go back to classes starting Thursday May 7th, and elementary and kindergarten on Monday May 11th.

# # #

With Thanks to the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Special Rates! Crown Paradise Club Cancun 5* AI Apr 02



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Temptation Resort Cancun Hotel Rates Mar 26

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Thinking about living in Cancun and the Riviera Maya? Mar 26

Medical Insurance for Expatriates

Robert H. Page, MD and Curtis P. Page, MD are authors of the MEXICO: Health and Safety Travel Guide and the Healthy Traveler Regional Series. For more information visit

Needless to say, the Mayan Riviera is rapidly becoming a magnet for a growing number of offshore retirees looking for their own share of paradise. But even in paradise, planning for possible major medical expenses must be taken as seriously as it would back home.

Many expats think that moving in with their health policy from home is enough. After all, any major medical situation could be treated back there and the local system would be exclusively for “minor” issues. This logic works fine as long as a “major medical issue” actually permits traveling back to your home country for treatment. In most cases that is simply not recommendable, if not impossible.

Ok, so your health insurance policy covers international “emergency” claims and you are aware that the Mayan Riviera is finally being brought up to world standards regarding hospital services. But, what does “international coverage” really mean? Sometimes it is a reimbursement cover (e.g. you pay first and then the insurance company pays you) capped up to a relatively small amount. Sometimes, it is a cover for “network” hospitals. In these cases, out-of-network facilities usually imply important limitations in cover. Are the local hospitals members of your policy’s network? What are your policy’s policies regarding international events? Are air ambulance services included in your plan?

If answering these questions does not leave you a good impression of your once-beloved health policy, it does not mean that it is a bad one. It just indicates that it has been designed for your country’s local market. And yes, Mexico is cheaper than home…but receiving emergency medical attention at one of Mexico’s top hospitals will not be easy on the pocket.

The ideal solution does not entail that you purchase a brand new policy better adapted for Mexico: proper health care does not come cheap in Mexico, neither do health policies. Thus, doing so will only mean that you will be paying twice as much for health coverage.

Ideally, your current plan should be complemented with an INTERNATIONAL HEALTH POLICY that works as a “top-up” cover (after a certain amount, usually 10,000 to 20,000 USD, have been spent on your “basic” plan, which makes this option very reasonably priced). International health policies are those that offer similar services regardless of where the claim is taking place, even home! They also include air ambulance services should evacuation become medically necessary.

Obviously, for those without any cover, these policies can be purchased with lower deductibles (e.g. 250 to 5000 USD) that will make them very useful both here and at home (or anywhere your travels take you). If you are someone who visits for relatively short periods (e.g. up to 3 months), you may want to consider getting a TRAVEL INSURANCE POLICY. Good travel insurance plans must make direct payments to hospitals worldwide and not rely too much on networks (who will decide where to go in an emergency?).

Your best bet is to contact a local insurance agent. He or she should be able to assess your needs and recommend you the most appropriate alternatives according to your budget and lifestyle.

More Health & Safety Articles are available at

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Spring Equinox at Chichen Itza Mar 20

The Spring equinox usually falls on the 20th or 21st of March although the dates for the Spring Equinox may vary slightly from year to year.

What is the Spring Equinox?
On the equinox the sun is positioned directly over the equator. The word “equinox” means ‘equal night’ because the day is equal in length to the night. There are two equinoxes during the year, the spring equinox which falls around March 21 and the autumn equinox which falls around September 21. The day of the spring equinox marks the end of winter and beginning of spring.

Spring Equinox at Chichen Itza
The pyramid of Kukulcan, otherwise known as ‘El Castillo’, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. It is one of the greatest surviving monuments of the Mayan civilization. The spring equinox at Chichen Itza is the setting for one of the most spectacular sights you will ever see, the descent of the Feathered Serpent.

If you are lucky enough to see this incredible example of the Mayan people’s ingenuity and architectural genius you will be truly amazed. At the precise time of the spring equinox, the sun casts its rays on the NE stairway of the Kukulcan ‘El Castillo’ pyramid, creating a play of shadow and light which looks like a serpent slithering down the pyramid as the sun moves through the sky. You can see this vision for a few days – from around March 19th to the 23rd, but on the actual date of the equinox the effect is most dramatic. If you happen to miss this date you will get another chance during the autumn equinox on September 21 when the feathered serpent is again seen descending the great pyramid.

It tends to get very busy with thousands of people flocking to Chichen Itza to experience this phenomenon. Please take note there are very few hotels near to the ruins, but there are many tours available from Cancun which will bring you back after the event.

With thanks to my friends at the Cancun Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

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